//44// Basenji


Fresh out of Sydney, Australia, Sebastian Muecke AKA “Basenji” is on the rise in the beat scene. With a sound reminiscent of the one and only Cashmere Cat, the glitchy happiness, progressive downtempo, and creativity within Basenji’s sound is one of a kid. With an emphasis on bass, while balancing the upper registers, he is able to uncover a mystic electronic sound, evoking only the most pleasant of emotions in his listener. This music is candy for your ears. 

-Micah G

//39// Spotlight: Disclosure Remixes


Since Disclosure, the British R&B-influenced electronic duo, released its debut album Settle, Disclosure’s upbeat production and choice vocals have been altered in every which way. Disclosure’s sound allows for artists to exhibit their characteristic sounds over a common platform, making each of Disclosure’s tracks part stand-alone novelties, and part groundwork for other producers’ artistry. While Flume, for example, added his distinctive oscillating synths to his remix of “White Noise,” Baauer upped the energy with high-energy drums punctuated by sharp rests in a different rendition. Listen below for a few of the best Disclosure remixes.